Frankincense Resin - Aden 1st Choice

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Frankincense resin (Boswellia carterii), 1st Choice grade from Aden are wonderfully fragrant white and translucent lemon and amber tears. Arid conditions in Yemen produce some of the finest frankincense in the world! Used throughout the ages to enhance spirituality, mental perception, meditation, prayer and consciousness, frankincense soothes the spirit as it slows and deepens breathing.

Please be advised the continued unrest in Yemen is dramatically affecting availability as well as price. Unusual methods are used to get product from the region.

Medical Disclaimer: Our expertise lies in incense making and fragrance. Information contained on these pages is solely for your enjoyment. We can not provide medical advice or recipes as we are not health professionals. Before ingesting anything that is not food, we strongly suggest seeking counsel from a licensed health practitioner.

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