How to Burn Resins and Woods

1. Fill the censer, cup or bowl two-thirds full of white rice ash

2. Heat a piece of charcoal until it is grayish-white all over

3. Fluff the ash so it's not compacted

4. Place the charcoal in the center of the censer on top of the ash

5. Push the charcoal down in the ash so it's halfway down in the cup

6. Cover the charcoal with the ash, forming a mound or cone on top

7. Slightly tamp and compress the ash into the cone shape with the ash press or butter knife

8. With a metal chopstick or skewer, gently make an air hole to the charcoal

9. Place the mica plate gently on top of the air hole and press down softly

10. Place a piece of Jinkoh, Sandalwood, Aloeswood or other (herb, loose) incense material on the mica plate

When burning resins, you may place them directly on the charcoal!

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