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We are so pleased to offer Honey Frankincense! This rare and exotic frankincense originates from Somalia and harvested by local tribes. Three different Boswellia neglecta trees are utilized (one of which is rare) and blended together after harvesting. The scent is very aromatic and slightly sweet, hence the name "Honey Frankincense". Additionally, hints of spice and light pine notes make this frankincense an aromatic delight! In some circles, it is called the "Balm of Gilead". In our experience, however, this is not the true Balm of Gilead.

Our supplier ensures this rare frankincense is harvested with sustainable methods that are not detrimental to the trees. The harvesters are fairly paid and well respected for their work. It is of utmost importance that both humans and nature are valued and appreciated.

Limited supply available. 

Medical Disclaimer: Our expertise lies in incense making and fragrance. Information contained on these pages is solely for your enjoyment. We can not provide medical advice or recipes as we are not health professionals. Before ingesting anything that is not food, we strongly suggest seeking counsel from a licensed health practitioner.

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    Frankincense honey

    Posted by Robert Ferrante on Mar 13th 2021

    A nice aroma to add to my collection. I still prefer the sultans choice, but this is great as well. Thank you for having these products I really appreciate it.

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    Posted by Mitchell on Nov 7th 2019

    Smells amazing, very citrusy but at the same time not overwhelming like some can be. One of my all time favorites.

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    Posted by Mitchell Bailey on Apr 9th 2019

    Very good aroma, nice mellow smell, i have always loved burning frankincense and this one is among my favorites.