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The fragrance of Labdanum Cistus villosus var. creticus is very complex. This waxy resin produces a balsam-like, woody, earthy fragrance. Labdanum has fascinated people for many centuries. It is said to reach deep into our subconscious and bring back memories, pictures, feelings and moods. Labdanum strengthens the body and provides warmth and sensuality. It is very grounding.

Labdanum originates from the rockrose bush, which emits a resinous dark brown mass from its leaves and twigs. To this day, it is still gathered by driving goats into the thick forests overgrown with labdanum bushes. The goats eat their fill from the branches and the sticky resin gets stuck on their beards. When they return, their owners carefully comb the resin our of their beards. Also used is a rake-like instrument with long strips of leather attached to it, which they drag across the bushes to collect the resin.

The Japanese use Labdanum in their Neriko mixtures, which are used during tea ceremony. Egyptians used it in their Kyphi mixtures and the Hebrews burned it in their temples. Today the perfume industry uses Labdanum to add a note of moss and leather to its products.

Labdanum is an excellent medium for making fragrant incense pellets.

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    Labdanum Gum Resin

    Posted by Robert Ferrante on Mar 13th 2021

    Nice addition to my armoa collection. I enjoyed this very much. Thank you.

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    Posted by Ron on Dec 19th 2019

    Thank You !! Your service is excellent, and the Labdanum Resin is Heavenly and beyond all expectations.

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    Posted by Tom on Oct 8th 2019

    I’ve purchased your labdanum before and it’s always the best of the best. An extraordinary scent that’s unlike any other. Nice to have a source like yours. Thank you.

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    Posted by Henry Nick on Jun 7th 2019

    Labdanum is the best smelling gum incense ever...that's the incense that inspires me...good for meditation