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Frankincense Maydi Superior Mushaad (Boswellia frereana) is a fair trade and sustainable new Frankincense from the rocky regions of Somalia. The Mushaad (Mushat) quality is the first tier, the highest grade and the most rare, earning it the "Sultan's Grade" title. The Mushaad consists of long, flat tears with a golden color and is considered one of most sought after of all Frankincense and will often go off the market because of its limited supply. The majority of the harvest is distributed in the Middle East, and then a small amount is open to the outside world.

Because the Boswellia frereana is more of an oleoresin, thus consisting of very few gums, the resin streams down the tree much more easily when harvested and forms longer shapes. The fragrance is multifaceted, with citrus as well as hints of pine, pepper and musk. 

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    Maydi Mushaad

    Posted by Will G on Jul 13th 2020

    I love the taste but giving 3 star due to the consistency. A lot of beads came crumbled up. Not sure if shipping or packaging was the issue.