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Incense Resins, Woods & Herbs A - D

Incense Resins, Woods and Herbs; used since antiquity for making fine whole herb incense.

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Notice: For incense use only. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not take internally.

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Acacia Gum Resin (Arabica serial)  Sudan
Almond Tree Gum Resin - IndiaAloeswood Powder Premium - Vietnam
Amber Resin(Pinus succinifera) - Russia
Golden Amber Resin - India
Honey Amber Resin - India
Star Anise (Whole/Powder)(Illicium verum) - China
Balsam of Tolu(Myroxylon toluifera balsamum) - Colombia
Bay Laurel Leaves (Laurus nobilis) - Greece
Benzoin Superior(Styrax benzoides)-(Siam) Thailand
Benzoin Resin(Styrax benzoin)- SumatraBenzoin Powder(Styrax benzoin)- Sumatra
Lubanja (Styrax Benzoin) Ethiopia
Jawee Resin (Benzoin Blend) - Singapore
Borneol Camphor - Japan
Betony(Betonica officinalis /Stachys officinalis) France Burgundy Pitch Resin (Spruce) (Pini burgundica) - France
Calamus Root (Acorus calamus) - Russia
Cinnamon (powder) - Ceylon-OrganicCassia - China Tung Hing
Cassia Cinnamon(Cinnamomum cassia) (Powder) - Indonensia
Saigon Cinnamon Chips - Vietnam
Cedarwood (Red/White)(Juniperus virginiana)- United States
Cedar Leaf(Libdocedrus descurrens) - United States
Cloves (Whole/Powder)(Syzygium aromaticum)- Sri Lanka
Colophony (Pine Resin)(Colophonium tot.) - Portugal
Copal - Mayan(Pinus contorta copal) - United States
Copal - Black/NegroAgathis dammara) - Philippines
Copal - White/Blanco (Bursera jorullense) - Mexico Copal - Gold (Agathis dammara) - Manila
Dammar Gum Resin - Brown(Shorea wiesneri)- Indonesia
Dammar Gum Resin - White (Shorea wiesneri) - Indonesia
Dragon's Blood powder Superior(Daemonorops draco) - Indonesia
Dragon's Blood Resin Superior(Daemonorops draco)Chunks - Indonesia
Dragon's Blood Gold Seal Ball (Daemonorops draco) - Indonesia
Dragon's Blood Resin(Daemonorops draco) - 1st Choice - Indonesia
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