Burgundy Pitch Resin - France

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Burgundy Pitch (Spruce) (Pini burgundica) from France has a strong forest-like fragrance when used as incense. The resin is collected and put through a cleaning and melting process to produce a higher quality product. It has a long history of use in many cultures. In the Middle Ages, spruce resin was used for incense burning and medicinal purposes. Burgundy pitch resin has strengthening and regenerative properties. It also has anti-bacterial properties and can disinfect the air. In ancient times this spruce resin was used to protect against negative energies and help promote inner peace.

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    Smells like honey frankincense

    Posted by Anon on Jun 30th 2023

    Smells like honey frankincense and I feel like it's good for getting rid of evil if you are having that problem. Overall it feels like it has uplifting vibes and if you are into blessings this is a good one to have. probably will order it again.

    The pieces I got were so big they put out the coal so if you order smaller sizes they will arrive fairly huge. I don't know if I would use it for meditation as it doesn't really relax me, just smells earthy and lemony.