Copal Mayan Resin - Central America

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The original pine copal used by the Mayans, also called "Lodgepole", Pinus contorta copal, is wild harvested in Central America. This sweet smelling resin is a member of the Pinus genus. To the ancient Mayans, the divine god of the earth extracted copal resin from the tree of life and gave it to humans as a gift. Copal is said to be cleansing and aid in mental and spiritual endeavors. It opens the soul and stimulates creativity and imagination.

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    Mayan copal

    Posted by Robert Kifer on Nov 1st 2020

    Great copal and fast shipping I will be back for more.

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    Posted by len on Apr 28th 2020

    For years, I've been buying, using "Copal", all sources detailing - in pictures, & descriptions; as being "from Mexico". I have no doubt S.of E. 's copal, is from Mexico, BUT, all the product I've used, is a light yellow ..almost opaque hue, with a palpable "lemon" or "lime" type fragrance, & burns faster than almost any incense. Perhaps most "copal" that's marketed, has a common sap for a source.. whether Russian, Mexican, or Mid. Eastern. Surly, the Copal --I rec. in my last order, is the real one. . the scent of which is mesmerizing, . and feels less generic. I'm no expert, but appreciate the ability to try new recipes for overall effect

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    Thank you

    Posted by Olga Iventicheva on Mar 21st 2019

    Wonderful products!
    Always fast delivery.