Temple Of Solomon Incense Blend

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This is a beautiful, natural incense blend steeped in history. The book of Exodus and the Talmud list the original ingredients that include frankincense, galbanum, onycha, stacte, myrrh, cassia, spikenard. Every morning and evening this sacred incense was burned on the incense altar in the temple.

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    Posted by JAE on Jan 2nd 2023

    Although I am not anyone special, I felt the desire for years to be able to purchase this kind of product. Suffering from financial strain, it was a big decision to go through with the purchase. I felt the necessity of spiritual life or death so I caved. I do not know if this blend is the correct blend passed down through the generations, but the smell is heavenly and has deep inner meaning. Whether one uses this to bring a peace to the room or if one uses it in conjunction with prayer, the blend is worth every ounce.