Balthasar Incense Blend

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This colorful and fragrant church incense mixture is comprised of naturally dyed frankincense and myrrh resins, lavender and other herbs. Balthasar has a warm, balsamic, spicy, sweet, and herbal fragrance. Ideal for church ceremonies and prayer.

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    Lasting aromas

    Posted by Lucas on Jun 30th 2023

    I’d be interested in learning more about the particular naming conventions and if these have anything by way of connection to the Magi or Solomon? I’m skeptical though I enjoy how they are evocative of history and ancient ritual and tradition. I make my own little labels for them accordingly.
    These are nice blends overall, but on the sweet side for my tastes. Wording becomes a bit confusing, like the obscurity of smoke. I prefer plain Frankincense or Myrrh, or if I want to sweeten the air, a little Benzoin or Guggul or Sandalwood.
    All the products from Scents of Earth seem to be of high quality. I am particularly impressed with the Greek Monastery incense.
    Ultimately I’d like to discover (or create) a more woody range of aromas. So far, my own blends have failed to attain the results I’m searching for.
    As these blends are quite professionally concocted and I like them all I feel I am in no position to criticize any of them, only to state my preferences. With so many subtleties in Frankincense alone, or Sandalwood or Labdanum or Galbanum I wonder if blending these substances isn’t cheating them of their natural integrity somehow?
    The aromas linger lastingly which might indicate their potency and/or freshness. Certain strains of Benzoin can be a little crisp in the nose, but otherwise all of these products are fine to burn in profusion without interfering with air quality.

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    Posted by Craig on Feb 22nd 2022

    The Balthasar incense that we purchased is of high quality and have purchased it several times now and will continue to. Great product!

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    Products and service

    Posted by Joan Proudman on Nov 2nd 2021

    I love everything I order from Scents of the Earth! I always receive a free gift which is so generous of them as well as a handwritten "thank you". This company provides excellent service every time and their products are top notch.