Syukohkoku (Flat Box) - Baieido

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The Syukohkoku fine incense from Baieido adds a very high grade and content of aloeswood to a sandalwood and herb incense. "Syu" (shu) means Gather, "Koh" means Incense, "Koku" means Country. Evokes the memory of people from many walks of life gathered together in aromatic union, the spirit of Koh (incense) unites all. Syukohkoku incense can help in providing motivation and devotion to our practice of meditation. 50 grams, approximately 145 5.5" sticks.


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    Posted by Ronald Sanders on Nov 21st 2018

    I found this incense to be acceptable for everyday usage. The Ogurayama Aloeswood is sweet, but in this blend, it is somewhat spicy. The sandalwood is good, but not of the Mysore quality. Far less psychoactive than the raw Ogurayama Aloeswood. However, no blend compares with the quality of raw Vietnamese Aloeswood and a pinch of Mysore (Old Mountain) sandalwood. In my opinion, a very small amount of Arabian myrhh oil added to the stick cures a minor imbalance in the balance of sweet and spicy character. It is acceptable for daily use rather than ceremonial occasions.