Sandalwood Essential Oil - Australia

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This high quality sandalwood - Santalum spicatum - is wild harvested from the best sources of heartwood in Australia. The essential oil comes from a high alpha-sanatol heartwood which produces a smooth, deep, rich, sweet-balsamic heart note with excellent tenacity. The Santalum spicactum is a renewable resource sandalwood and the highly aromatic wood is widely used for religious and medicinal purposes as well as a prime source of incense and perfumes.

The small tree is native to East Asia, but has been known in the sub-continent as well as in Northern Australia throughout the ages. The exact origin of sandalwood is not known. It is probably native to the arc of islands in south-eastern Indonesia. Some believe that it is native to southern India, but it is usually believed that it was introduced here over 2,000 years ago. Sandalwood is currently naturalized and distributed in South India, Sri Lanka, the Malay Archipelago, Northern Australia, China and Taiwan. Steam distilled.

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