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The fascinating aspect to the Taiwanese Sandalwood is that the seedlings are imported from Australia, then matured in Taiwan. However, the fragrance lies somewhere in between the Australian Sandalwood and Indian Mysore Sandalwood, due to the tropical environment.

Sandalwood Chips (Santalum spicatum) from Taiwan produce a warm, sweet and woodsy fragrance that has been one of the most prized incense ingredients for thousands of years. The fragrance of sandalwood creates an relaxing and harmonizing atmosphere of calm and supports the search for inner peace, reflection and balance. Early in India, people observed that termites never attacked sandalwood. For that reason, they considered it a symbol of vitality. sandalwood has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine as a remedy for bladder and kidney infections, inflammations, skin problems, respiratory problems and many other illnesses.

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