Sage Clusters - White - California

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White Sage, whole - Salvia apiana - from California, USA. Responsibly wildcrafted. White sage can be found throughout Mediterranean areas where development has not encroached on its habitat. In the Western US it grows in stands in plant communities of coastal sage scrub, and is often the dominant species. White Sage is one of the most aromatic of the Salvias; the scent coming from the fuzzy, thick, silvery-green leaves rather than the flowers. Used by the Native Americans as smudges, incense and medicine, white sage is burned for its ability to cleanse and purify. The purifying smoke of sage is used to drive out negativity and for protection.

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    Superb scent

    Posted by Joshua Parker on Jul 12th 2020

    Best smelling white sage I've ever encountered. Well dried, too, just right. Very aromatic.

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    Great Product

    Posted by Stephanie Zink on Apr 24th 2020

    This is a great product. Very easy to work with and make incense with. It smells wonderful!