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If you don't want to burn frankincense resin, we now offer the finest frankincense in the world, Hojary (Boswellia sacra), from the Sultanate of Oman, in stick form. If you close your eyes, you'll have a difficult time distinguishing this stick incense from burning resin - it's that good. Each stick is long burning, up to 45 minutes. Available in packs of 12, 24 or 48.

Looking for the Boswellia sacra essential oil?

Looking for the Boswellia sacra resin?

  • 5
    Frankensense insence

    Posted by Richard Dubeshter on Feb 25th 2024

    Fab like muscat

  • 5
    Frankincense sticks

    Posted by Daniel on Jan 7th 2024

    As advertised. The sticks are big and thick. It will engulf your space with Frankincense.

  • 5
    Oman Incense Sticks

    Posted by Phillip on Jan 3rd 2024

    Wonderful aroma soothing and full of lovely terpenes to calm and provide a tranquil atmosphere for all.

  • 5

    Posted by Neil Bishop on Oct 31st 2023

    I’ve tried over a dozen different frankincense incense sticks over the years but this one if by FAR the best!

  • 5
    Frankincense sticks

    Posted by Bill Allen on Oct 29th 2023

    The aroma of these frankincense sticks is indistinguishable from resin incense. Rich and calming, it fills the room quickly, making it unnecessary burn the entire stick at once. I received my first pack of sticks a few days ago and have already placed another order. These sticks are truly a sensory treat!

  • 5
    Oman Frankincense Sticks

    Posted by Audrey on Oct 27th 2023

    Absolutely Divine want to use every day !

  • 5

    Posted by Marcia on Apr 14th 2023

    These are my absolute favorite, they transform the atmosphere, by far the best.

  • 5
    Love your incense

    Posted by Sydney Frymire on Feb 21st 2023

    I love the incense. First of all, it is challenging to find frankincense at all. Yours is particularly nice. Just the right amount and it lasts.

  • 5
    Absolutely The Best

    Posted by Marcia on Jan 20th 2023

    There are many frankincense incense, however there are none that compare to the rich notes of frankincense in these. My absolute favorite.