Frankincense Resin - Maydi - Crushed (Boswellia frereana) - Somalia

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Maydi Frankincense (Boswellia frereana) is Mushaad (1st choice) plus top three grades mixed and imported direct from Somalia.

Until now, this rare and treasured frankincense resin has not been available in the U.S. The tree is known as "Yagcar" by the Somalis, "Yegaar" in Yemen and "Luban Lami" in Arabic. Maydi is considered to be superior to other frankincense varieties by the Somali and Arabian people. Historically, over 70% of its annual yield is imported by Saudi Arabia, where it is highly regarded as a prestigious chewing gum.

This frankincense species is found only on the steep vertical slopes of coastal Northern Somalia. Similar to other frankincense trees, Boswellia frereana favors soil rich in limestone and thrives in a hot climate, but unlike other species, it requires access to water and rainfall. Attempts have been made to introduce the species to Kenya and Southern Yemen with little success.

Maydi is sorted into eight grades consisting of mushaad, mujarwal, fas kebir (kabeer), fas saghir (saqeer), jabaanjib, shorta, slif and foox in order from best quality to least. The top four grades have exclusively been exported to Saudi Arabia for chewing gum while the remaining grades are exported to China for use in medicine, and France, Germany and England for use as incense in religious ceremonies.

Here we are honored to offer our customers a mixture of the top four grades of Maydi Frankincense. It has a deeper, more balsamic and resinous aroma than the popular B. sacra and B. carterii species but with its own wonderful light and lively top notes. Certified Organic.

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