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Frankincense Hojary Essential Oil(Boswellia sacra) - Oman

Frankincense Hojary Essential Oil(Boswellia sacra) - Oman
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Frankincense essential oil from Oman - steam distilled - Boswellia sacra - from the Dhofar Valley of Oman where the sacred trees have grown for countless centuries.

In this region of Oman we find Boswellia sacra, sacred frankincense, growing in an environment that is most conducive to producing an oleo-gum resin of the highest quality in the world.

The Salalah coastal plain facing the Arabian Sea is considered one of the most beautiful in Arabia, particularly in its southwestern part, because of its monsoon climate, temperate vegetation and bird life. The region has constantly flowing streams, making it Oman's most fertile area.

This frankincense oleogum resin oil was steam distilled and wild harvested in the Dhofar Valley of Oman.

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