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Always a favorite: freshly harvested single Palo Santo wood sticks for easy use. Each 4" stick is cut and ready to light. No need to split or shave off pieces. No trees were cut in harvesting this wood, from fallen branches only!

Palo Santo is a tree native to Mexico, the Yucatan Peninsula, Peru and Venezuela. It is also found in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, Honduras, Ecuador, Peru and on the Galapagos islands. The tree belongs to the same family (Burseraceae) as frankincense and myrrh.

Palo Santo sticks can be burned alone as it will self-extinguish, filling the space with warm, sweet smoke. It can also be ground into incense mixtures as it mixes wonderfully with all the copal resins, sandalwood, vanilla, balsams, benzoin, etc.

Unlike previous shipments, our sticks are not uniform in size, so the number of sticks may vary.

1 oz = 2-4

4 oz = 5-12 sticks


Hold the stick sligtly tilted and light the end until you see a flame. Let it burn for 45-60 seconds then blow out. Blow on the embers to keep it lit. You may meed to re-light it several times, but that‘s ok!

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    Great Palo Santo & Better Customer Service

    Posted by Madison on Mar 22nd 2022

    I'd like to change my review from 3 stars to 5 stars after experiencing the absolutely fantastic Customer Service side of Scents of Earth. Not only does the product smell wonderful, but they answered my questions promptly and made the entire situation right in under a week. I will be a lifelong customer after this!

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    Palo Santo Wood Sticks from Peru

    Posted by Ali on Sep 1st 2020

    Perfect! I received exactly what I wanted. I got nice sized pieces. And I'm very happy with the quality, they burn and smell great! Thank you.