Mini Mama's Sweetgrass Braid - USA

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Sweetgrass braids (Hierochloe odorata) from the USA create a clean, relaxing, pleasant, vanilla-like fragrance. Traditional Native American methods are to dry and braid these beautiful long grasses. To burn them as incense, light one end and gently blow out the flame. Allow it to smolder and release its fragrance. Historically, Native Americans would first use sage to cleanse a space of evil spirits that caused illnesses, then use sweetgrass to create a positive atmosphere and attract helpful spirits.

The new Mini Mama's braid is perfect for times when a full braid is too large. Also called Seneca Grass, Holy Grass and Vanilla Grass, this very special herb's sweet vanilla-like scent brings the blessing of Mother Earth's love. Sweetgrass is burned to remember everything Mother Earth provides for us.

Sweetgrass can also be be unbraided or trimmed with scissors into small pieces and sprinkled on hot charcoal tablets. Sweetgrass herb sustains the normal smudging process. You can burn the whole braid the same way you would burn a smudge wand. Each mini braid is approximately 10".

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