Kobunboku (Large Box) - Baieido

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Kobunboku is an expression of the Plum Tree which is well known as "The Flower of Peace" from ancient China. This is one of the most popular types of incense in Japan! On a moonlit night, the image of a Plum Tree covered with new blossoms as a gentle breeze rustles the petals makes a wonderful image for this incense.

Kobunboku is a fine sandalwood and herb incense that is particularly helpful for meditation practice. The Tien Tai master Chih-i's (sixth century) writings are primary resource books for both Zen and Pure Land meditation practice. In his "Mo-ho Chih-kuan" or "Great Stopping and Seeing", sandalwood is mentioned many times. The Buddha Sakyamuni's staff and other items were all carved from sandalwood. We see that sandalwood has long been connected with spiritual awareness. In fact, nearly all religions have used sandalwood in some form. True sandalwood appears to have the element of "calming." It enhances mental clarity and it reputed to open the Third Eye to enable true sight. 170 grams, approximately 450, 5.5 inch sticks.