Jihi Amacha kou - Awaji - Baikundo

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Jihi is one of four "Buddha's Pleasure" Hydrangea Tea fragrances from Awaji-Baikundo. Hydrangea Tea has been known for its healing properties, which relieve tension and promote longer life. In New Year's Eve ceremonies, the hydrangea fragrance is used to dispel any unpleasantness, allowing you to focus on the good things that have happened recently and "wash your heart" of the hateful things that are not part of your spirit.

Jihi's prime ingredients are Hydrangea Tea with a touch of Amber. Sticks are a traditional 5.5" in length, approximately 25 sticks per box, each with a burn time of 30 minutes.


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    Awaji baikunda jihi something different

    Posted by Philip Ward on May 15th 2021

    This is a hydrangea based incense that has a very unique scent. My favorite is the jihi. I have been burning it for several years. I wish that scents of the earth sold the bigger box. Not overly floral or synthetic.

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    Awaji baikundo- jihi

    Posted by Philip ward on Mar 21st 2019

    This is a break from the normal sandalwood or aloeswood scent. The jihi is based on hydrangea and amber. The jihi is my favorite of the baikundo incense. I believe that it is the top of their line. The only complaint I have is that I wish that the company sold the bigger boxes.