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Ancient Mayan Jaguar - 1 oz.

Ancient Mayan Jaguar - 1 oz.
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An exotic ancient Mayan incense recipe of gold copal, black copal, white copal, tolu balsam, myrrh and pure vanilla bean. A calming, mystical, balsamic recipe that strokes the senses and imagination, and fills the evening with sensuality.

The Jaguar was revered for its unique method of enticing prey to it with its sweet scented breath. As it hid among bushes, its prey would be attracted to the sweet scent of its breath and investigate the source of the aroma thus bringing it closer to the Jaguar.

Cultures of ancient America prized Copal resin as a sacred incense ingredient. The ancient Mayan holy book says that the divine god of the earth extracted copal resin from the tree of life and gave it to humans as a gift.

Use in small amounts.

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