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Top Quality Blank Bamboo Sticks to make your own incense sticks

Bamboo Sticks-Blanks--India
Bamboo Sticks-Blanks--India
Item# BBS1
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Product Description

For quite some time we've had requests for blank bamboo sticks so some folks can roll their own creations. The problem has been, like with some other items we'd like to carry, the large amount that suppliers require per order. In the case of Bamboo sticks, the smallest minimum order that we were able to find was 18 tons!!! But recently we've been able to negotiate shipments in amounts smaller than multiple tons. Have fun!

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1 ounce/approx 95 sticks-$ 4.25
4 ounces/approx 380 sticks-$ 12.95
8 ounces/approx 760 sticks- $ 19.95
16 ounces/approx 1520 sticks- $ 34.75