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Tonka Beans (Whole) - Venezuela

Tonka Beans (Whole) - Venezuela
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Tonka Beans (whole) - Dipteryx odorata - from Venezuela. These seeds of the large tropical Tonka tree have the fragrance reminiscent of newly mown hay or a freshly cut meadow. They have a high coumarin content, which provides a sweet, herblike fragrance.

Tonka beans were and may still be used as an adulterant to vanilla. The beans are used to flavor tobaccos and snuffs. The essential oil is widely used in the perfume industry. Tonka beans are often used in sachets and potpourri. They are said to lighten one's mood and be emotionally balancing.

Use in small amounts.

Family: Fabaceae

Synonyms: tonquin bean, Coumarouna odorata

Origin: tropical South America, West Africa

Parts Used: seeds (a.k.a. beans)

Aroma Description: rich, warm, coumarin-herbaceous, tobacco-like, caramel-like. They have a high coumarin content, which provides a sweet, vanilla, herblike fragrance

Emotional Attributes: creative, love, balancing, grounding

Cosmetic Uses: perfumery, aromatherapy; used in sachets and potpourris, etc., has excellent fixative properties

Culinary Uses: once used to flavor candy, beverages, medicinal preparations, and in some desserts. but now banned in some countries since 1953 as a food additive due to its higher then usual coumarin content. It is pointed out though that you would have to ingest high amounts of Tonka Beans (also things like Nutmeg) to reach dangerous levels. The small amount used in recipes doesn't come near what is considered dangerous. Still used in some countries to flavor tobacco and snuff.

Medicinal Attributes: discontinued since the discovery that coumarin may damage the heart, liver and even cause cancer

Element Association: Water

Magical Associations: courage, prosperity, luck

Astrological Association: Taurus, Libra

Planetary Association: Venus

Season: Spring

Aromatic Note: Base note

Essential Oil: Yes, concretes, absolutes and tinctures are made though they can be difficult to find.

Mixes Well With: benzoin, catnip, copal-black, copal-gold, copal-white, myrrh, frankincense, lavender, mugwort, nutmeg, oakmoss, palo santo wood, storax, tolu balsam, vanilla, vetiver, clary sage, etc.

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