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Makko / Incense Trail Style Burning

Makko / Incense Trail Style Burning
This unique style of incense burning makes new in the West ancient Asian methods of burning incense. From esoteric Buddhism we are given this style of burning, which dates back thousands of years.

We can use this method of burning incense in what the Japanese call, "Soradaki" or "empty burning", which means burning fragrances for pleasure, to entertain self or friends, etc. Another method, and the birthplace of this style, is the Buddhist "Sonae Koh" burning, or "offering incenses" - which is burning incense in spiritual practice.

This incense trail method of burning incense was used in the ancient "Incense Seals" and used as the principle means of measuring time in ancient Asia.

Here we present the steps to prepare and begin burning incense in this ancient style.

a) An incense bowl is filled with white rice ash, which is compacted by tapping lightly on the bottom of the bowl.

b) An indentation is made in the ash with a "U" shaped koh press. If a koh press is not available you can use any small object that will leave a straight line or "U" shaped impression in the ash. Press into ash to make an indentation roughly about 1/2 inch deep x 1/2 inch wide.

c) Makko powder is used to fill the entire indentation and again the koh press or its substitute is used to lightly compact the makko.

d) Light one end of a small piece of an incense stick, about 3/4" long, and stick into one end of the line of compacted makko and let burn.

e) Once the makko is burning you can sprinkle your incense mixture or ingredient directly on top of the burning makko.

f) As the makko trail burns, place additional incense on the portion of makko that is burning.

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Makko / Incense Trail  Style Incense Kit **Out of Stock**
Here's everything you need to start burning natural incense trails.

Incense Trails date back to the ancient Chinese, who used this method of incense burning to measure time. Many Buddhist temples worldwide still use this style of incense burning for their "Sonae koh" incense ceremonies. Incense trail burning is very easy to do and provides a simple economical method for enjoying the burning of natural incense ingredients.

An imprint is made in a bowl of ash using a koh press. The impression is then filled with makko powder. One end of the makko trail is then lit using a small incense stick or match. As the makko trail burns incense mixtures are sprinkled on top and release their aroma.

An alternative method of using this style is to combine a loose incense mixture with makko powder and then fill the ash depression with this combined fragrant mixture.

This ancient method was used to keep time and very elaborate and exotic incense burners called "incense seals" were used as clocks.

Materials included:
Handcrafted incense bowl - (see bowl)
White rice ash - 2oz box
Makko - 100 grams
Wooden Koh press
5 grams - Zuikin Jirushi Chips (sandalwood, herbs)
5 grams - Tokko Jirushi Chips (sandalwood, spices)
5 grams - Sutoko Jirushi Chips (aloeswood, sandalwood, herbs)
Instructions Brochure

Enjoy the sublime pleasures and exotic fragrances of sandalwood, aloeswood, herbs and spices from the incense masters of Baieido of Japan. Have fun creating your own mixtures and experimenting with recipes for special occasions and seasons. Incense trails are lots of fun and filled with rich aromatic rewards! **Out of Stock**
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