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Mysore Sandalwood Oil (Aged 3 years)

Mysore Sandalwood Oil (Aged 3 years)
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Mysore Sandalwood Oil (Aged 3 years)
The Indian sandalwood tree has become endangered in recent years, and in an attempt to curb its possible extinction the Indian government has banned the exportation of sandalwood Mysore Region. The tree is already government controlled, and removal is prohibited whether on private or temple grounds until the tree is thirty years old. Nestled in the midst of the sandalwood forest region of Karnataka, the city of Mysore is renowned for its production of the fragrant sandalwood products and is commonly referred of as the sandalwood city of Karnataka. Mysore sandalwood is reputed all over the world for its quality and fragrance. The twigs and the bark of the semi parasitic sandalwood tree are used to produce various products like cosmetics, perfumes, incense sticks, essential oils and powered talc. The tree is also of herbal and medicinal value. BEFORE THE BAN, WE STOCKED UP ON SOME OF THIS PRECIOUS OIL AND HAVE BEEN AGING IT FOR OVER 3 YEARS!