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Japanese Incense Stove - *Discontinued*

Japanese Incense Stove - *Discontinued*
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Product Description

This elegant Japanese Incense Stove is the ideal vessel for heating fragrant woods.

The incense stove heats the ingredients without burning them, slowly releasing their delicate fragrance; little or no smoke is produced as a result.

This method of enjoying fragrant woods is somewhat similar to how woods are heated in the style of Japanese Kodo ceremony.

The Incense Stove can also be used to heat other fragrant ingredients, such as most resins and herbs.

This elegant Incense Stove comes in an attractive box complete with everything you need to begin enjoying the art of fragrance. It includes 2 glass vials containing 2 grams of aloeswood chips, 3.5 grams of sandalwood chips, 5 slivers of precious Kyara aloeswood in a gold foil origami folder, and a box of 50 candles.

The natural light gleaming through the burner is a wonder to experience in a dark room.

The Incense Stove is truly an elegant and wonderful gift for someone special or to enjoy yourself.

Special Note: Due to the new CITES export rules on the agarwood trade, these Incense Stoves are no longer being exported by the distributor in Japan and so we in turn are no longer able to offer them to you. We leave the information here to perhaps inspire a few to create their own candle powered incense stoves. Have fun!

Availability Update: Sorry, this item has been permanently discontinued.

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