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Portable Wood-Chip Heater

Portable Wood-Chip Heater
Item# S61111
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Product Description

Portable Incense Wood-Chip Heater with decorative basket holder. Includes 5 charcoals.

This small portable incense stove uses a combination of a custom made ceramic incense burner, rectangular charcoals, and mesh metal screen to heat rather than burn wood-chips and/or kneaded incense.

Remove the round metal mesh first. Light a piece of charcoal-A (Item S60111) on the edge, then place it in the internal metal bracket with the burning side down. Put the metal mesh back onto the porcelain heater.

Place your incense material on the screen and enjoy!

The charcoal will slowly heat the incense material placed on the screen and release its fragrance for up to 20 minutes.

3" tall X 3" wide (7.6 cm X 7.6 cm)

Note: For use with wood-chips and kneaded incense only. For heating loose incense mixtures and indivudual gums and resins see our Electric Incense Burner