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Sandalwood Chips (S. paniculatum) - Hawaii

Sandalwood Chips (S. paniculatum) -  Hawaii
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We reintroduce what many consider the finest Sandalwood in the world, possibly eclipsing Mysore Sandalwood, Hawaiian Sandalwood.

There are 16 species of Sandalwood in the world, and believe it or not, 6 of those are found on the Hawaiian Islands. In the Keauhou district of South Kona, amazing things are happening. A Native Hawaiian forestry and education group has dedicated its efforts to restoring its native dry land forest. Through the removal of ungulates and the replanting of over 5 million new Hawaiian Sandalwood and equal native host trees over the past four years, they have redefined sustainability.

Hawaiian Sandalwood (S. paniculatum) is the only species which contains no farnesol, has some of the highest alpha and beta santalol levels tested in the world by the ISO, and is the only USDA certified organic sandalwood available. Paniculatum, found only there, is by far the best species of sandalwood available. It is this unique tree that helps fund their ongoing education and forestation efforts.