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Makko Base Powder - Asia - Baieido

Makko Base Powder - Asia - Baieido
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Product Description

Makko (ground)- From Asia, the bark of this tree is ground up and added to incense mixtures as a natural binder for making incense cones and sticks. Makko Base powder - cultivated mainly in Southeast Asia: from Kyushu to China, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Makko is also used instead of charcoal to burn incense ingredients and mixtures as in the Incense Trail style of incense burning. It does not affect the pure natural scents of the other ingredients.

Family: unknown

Synonyms: tabu no ki, tabu, incense powder

Origin: Southeast Asia

Parts Used: bark

Aroma Description: woody, smoky scent which disappears once mixed in perfect proportion to other ingredients

Aromatic Note: Base

Mixes Well With: everything! Makko is used as a neutral-scented, naturally combustible, water-soluble, binding ingredient and can be combined with any type of recipe to make incense trails, molds, sticks, and cones

Essential Oil: None

Incense Making Tip: See our incense trails or molds, sticks and cones sections for step by step instructions on how to use makko

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