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Kodo Style Incense Kit - (porcelain traditional)

Kodo Style Incense Kit - (porcelain traditional)
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Product Description

A complete traditional Japanese style Kodo incense burning kit. Includes Japanese porcelain kodo cup, four aloeswoods, sterling silver utensils, ash, and charcoals; everything you need to heat aloeswood in the traditional style of the Japanese Kodo ceremony (incense appreciation ceremony).

The Kodo method uses a hot bamboo charcoal buried in white ash to heat a small mica plate. A grain of rice sized piece of aloeswood or sandalwood is placed on the mica plate and heated to release its wonderful aroma. No smoke is produced using this method, only the released fragrance of the heated ingredient.

We use this style of burning to play our own version of "Kodo" or "Kumiko" incense games. This is wonderful fun with friends and very pleasing to the senses! (See our Kodo Kai website for more on playing incense games & the kodo ceremony)

Each Traditional Style Kodo Kit Contains:

Handcrafted Elegant Kodo Cup - (Choice of Kodo Kai Cup or Japanese Porcelain)
Sterling Silver Plated Kodo Utensil Set -
(Choice of four piece or eight piece)
White rice ash -
(2oz box)
Bamboo charcoals
(small box / 48 pcs)
Raw Aloeswood Sampler Pak
(4 aloeswoods - 1 gram each)
Instructions Brochure

Enjoy Kodo in traditional style and add an authentic artistic flair to your incense burning. For more information on this style and other Kodo supplies click here

Kodo Kit w/4 pc Utensils - $195
Kodo  Kit w/8 pc Utensils - $280

For the Japanese Porcelain Kodo Cup - Add $18