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Joss Powder(Tailing arborvitae)Superior-Indonesia-Coming this May!

Joss Powder(Tailing arborvitae)Superior-Indonesia-Coming this May!
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Product Description

Joss powder is made from 100% natural bark of the Tailing arborvitae tree. It is used as a binder for making incense sticks & cones due to its excellent viscosity & adhesive properties which aid continuous burning. Its near-odorless characteristic helps in retaining the original fragrance of the perfume in Incense sticks. Supplies are dominated by a number of small scale manufacturers and traders. In the absence of well defined specifications, the final product depends solely on the quality of the bark used and the “fillers” mixed therein to reduce cost. Product certification at source is critical for ensuring quality. Our Superior Joss Powder is 100% pure and contains NO fillers.

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