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Royal Hojary Frankincense-Superior-Oman
Royal Hojary Frankincense-Superior-Oman
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This type of frankincense called Hojari Superior/ Boswellia Sacra Fusoos, is considered to be the best kind of frankincense exported from the Sultanate of Oman.It is most likely the Frankincense of Biblical times.

According to the Omani people "Fusoos" is the best kind of frankincense available in the market, characterized by the smell even before burning it. It’s very attractive because of the color. This type of Frankincense is also called “Large Pill Frankincense” because of its size which is much bigger than the “Fusoos Grade II”. Both grades I and II are in the same quality and only separated at harvest by their size.

Fusoos Grade I is specially used for religious events and places of worship such as churches, synagogues and mosques, owing to the fact of its great quantity of smoke profusion, requiring greater amount of charcoal to properly burn.

After extracting the frankincense liquid from the tree, workers pick the best pieces and separate the tears considered wonderful in appearance for its distinctive color, which tends to be from off white, a beautiful tan to a slight shade of green. These tears are normally some of the largest you will find.

Hojari Superior can be used in drinking water to add aromatic fragrance to the water. It is also said to clean the air and kills bacteria that multiply in the throat and stomach. In Oman, this type of superior frankincense is burned in churches, temples and mosques to add aromatic fragrance and holy a feel. Also, wealthy people burn this frankincense in their homes to provide a feeling of luxury, especially when receiving guests.

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