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Galbanum Absolute: Iran (Ferula galbaniflua) Wild Harvested

Galbanum Absolute: Iran (Ferula galbaniflua) Wild Harvested
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Product Description

Galbanum absolute is extracted from the oleo-gum-resin of the herbaceous perennial Ferula galbaniflua which is native to Turkey and Iran. Extraction mainly occurs in France from imported Iran galbanum.

The absolute is a deep golden, thick, sticky, mobile mass which needs some warming to be pourable.

The odor is warm, rich, pungent, green-resinous, woody, balsamic with a mellow, dry undertone. The intense penetrating topnotes so evident in the essential oil are mellowed considerably in the absolute. The absolute possesses fine tenacity.

The absolute is a fine fixative in its own right contributing unique olfactory properties to compositions it enters into. It finds use in lavender bouquets, fougere, Oriental bases, chypres, pine fragrances, woody bases, moss odors. It is considered a classic addition to hyacinth perfumes. Wonderful in incense perfumes and sacred perfumes.

Blends well with lavender eo and abs, hyacinth abs, violet leaf abs, cinnamon bark, geranium eo and abs, pine needle eo and abs, fir balsam abs and eo, styrax eo, bergamot eo, yuzu eo and abs, patchouli abs and co2 extract, lemon verbena abs and eo, lemon balm eo, ylang abs and eo, cistus eo, labdanum abs

"As for spices, never would your nostrils meet such an odor: bdellium from Scinde, musk from Tibet, galbanum from Khorasan; from Afghanistan, asafetida; from Persia, sagapenum; ambergris and civet from Zanzibar, and from Zanzibar came ivory, too. And from Zeila, Berbera, and Shehri came balsam and frankincense. . ."

--from Messer Marco Polo by Brian Oswald Donn-Byrne (1889-1928)

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