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Benzoin Resin(Styrax benzoin)- Sumatra

Benzoin Resin(Styrax benzoin)- Sumatra
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Product Description

Benzion from Sumatra - Styrax benzoin - is a smooth balsam resin with a floral background. Benzoin is a common ingredient in incense-making and perfumery because of its vanilla aroma and fixative properties. Gum benzoin is a major component of the type of church incense used in Russia and some other Orthodox Christian societies.

Most benzoin is used in Arab Gulf countries and India, where it is burned on charcoal as an incense. It is also used in the production of Bakhoor (scented wood chips) as well as various mixed resin incense in Arab countries and the Horn of Africa. Benzoin resin is also used in blended types of Japanese incense, Indian incense, Chinese incense, and Papier d'Arménie as well as incense sticks. When called sambrani or sambraani, it is a popular Indian incense used to scent and treat hair and prevent infections.

It has relaxant and sedative properties, helping to relieve anxiety and stress. It is uplifting, soothing, warming, helps to overcome depression and restore confidence, dispels anger, and clears the head. It may help bring the nervous system to normal.

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